Mamfe District Hospital Disaster: Where are the MOHWAs and MECAs? 0

For more than four decades, Chief Emmanuel Tabi Egbe, a true Manyu giant in every sense of the word, instilled upon the Manyus consciousness that the role of Manyu community associations was to bring development and delight to Manyu.

For decades, MECA, MOHWA and other Manyu associations around the world have supplied financial and human resources to schools, hospitals, and other community initiatives across the nation.

But over the last few years, legitimate questions have been asked if some of these Manyu associations in the Diaspora are still fit for purpose.

The torching of the Mamfe General hospital by sadists and arsonists on the 8th of June 2022 has brought new questions about two leading Manyu associations – MOHWA and MECA.

While renowned Manyu sons, Dr. Joachim Arrey of the Global Think Thank for Africa and Prince Julian Ebai of Manyu Solidarity Group UK are galvanizing global resources to support the poor and needy people of Manyu, MOHWA and MECA groups around the world have been loudly silent. And this is really disturbing.

MOHWA, in particular, is a gloomy, dismal and shameful case of a Manyu association.  The group was conceived and sold to Manyu sons and daughters on the grounds that it would support the Manyu woman and child.

The burning of the Mamfe General Hospital should have, for once, brought  MOHWA to the fore, leading a charge to raise funds for a good cause.

Strangely, MOHWA is gravely and deeply involved on both sides of the Atlantic in messy and avoidable disputes about patent rights on their wrapper which adds no real value to human life.

MOHWA in Europe is now profoundly entangled in social media mudslinging and has become the gossip hub and a marriage wrecking institution at a time when it should be leading a charge to help dying, desperate and impoverished people in Manyu.

MECAs in Europe and the USA have more cases of matrimonial impropriety among their members to resolve than the family law courts in Brazil.

MOHWA USA, Europe and MECA groups are now led by people who do not have Manyu at heart.

What MOHWA and MECA now have in common is a disdain for good causes, and they now pose a grave threat to the Manyu Diaspora, and we must say so.

This is the time for these   organizations to come out and put smiles on many faces in Manyu Division. Time is of the essence! Manyu sons and daughters must start thinking differently.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai