Medical Tourism: Biya regime sending jailed CPDM politicians abroad,Inoni is next on the list 0

The Biya regime has evacuated a cream of jailed CPDM politicians including the former general manager of the Cameroon Airlines Yves Michele Fotso abroad for treatment reneging on a promise to end medical tourism Mr Biya made during the last presidential poll won by Prof Maurice Kamto.

The Yaounde regime is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on foreign medical trips to France, Switzerland, Morocco and the Republic of South Africa most of which are unnecessary. Highly placed government officials and army generals who travel abroad are mostly treated by Cameroonian doctors in France and in Switzerland.

Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered that President Biya has already made a decision for former Prime Minister Chief Inoni Ephraim to be ferried to Europe for treatment. It remains a national shame that Mr Biya has never consulted in a hospital in Cameroon.

President Biya has been leading the medical tourism industry in Cameroon by example wasting Cameroonian tax payer’s money in hospitals in Germany and in Switzerland and encouraging his acolytes, friends and family members to go abroad on frivolous medical trips.

There are a sea of Cameroonian doctors in Europe and the US and critics have accused the Yaounde crime syndicate of failing to address the brain drain by improving working conditions and health centres.

Mr Biya has always said his government’s hard-earned cash would not be spent on treating officials overseas but spends more than nine months in a year at the InterContinental Hotel in Geneva with his private medical staffs.

Cameroon has everything and is one of Africa’s oil producers but most of its citizens live in poverty. Mr Biya took office in November 1982 and promised to tackle corruption and waste. But what the leader claims to have achieved in his 37 years as head of state ranges from plain fiction to the most absurd.

By Chi Prudence Asong