Mount Cameroon Race of Fear: Ambazonians can no longer accept Biya’s primitive dictatorship 0

The people of Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia can no longer accept France-Afrique’s primitive old school dictatorship imposed on the country by the government of the 86 year old President Paul Biya. Biya has only accepted controversial constitutional amendments that guaranteed his continued stay in power in French Cameroun with the support of some Southern Cameroons criminal gangs.

Biya has been in power for 36 years now and both French and Southern Cameroons have been more of a dictatorship than anything else. This generation of Southern Cameroonians is more educated and the primitive old school dictatorship is not working anymore.

The corrupt Francophone Beti Ewondo despot keeps on blaming everything on different elements, but the truth of the matter is that this generation of Ambazonians is not standing for it and they will keep on sustaining the war in Southern Cameroons until and unless they get a result that they want-which is simply an independent state of Southern Cameroons.

Citizens of both La Republique du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons are suffering, while, he (Biya) thinks he can call the shots and dictate what is going on including the policy without any opposition or disagreement.

How can a government be reveling in denial and self-delusion by pretending that things are normal in Southern Cameroons? The French Cameroun’s Minister of Sports and Physical Education Narcisse Mouelle Kombi presided at the official launch of activities to mark the 2019 Mount Cameroon Race of Hope in Buea. But the heavily militarized event looked more like a military parade and a hostage situation.

The Biya regime should stop playing the ostrich because images like these only further reinforce Cameroon’s beleaguered image as a country bedevilled by insecurity where bizarre things are happening and this only scare foreign investors.

By Sama Ernest