Multiple secret visits to Bamenda by Francophone officials 0

The National Executive Secretary of Cameroon Teachers Trade Union, CATTU, Wilfred Tassang has revealed that the government of Cameroon is presently in a desperate attempt to forcefully get schools to resume come Monday Jan 9. Wilfred Tassang opined that “Huge sums of money were dulled out to traditional rulers this Christmas through governors to first class rulers, SDOs to second class and DOs to third class rulers to pressure the teachers.”  Cameroon Intelligence Report understands the money is part of the 24 billion FCFA paid by the Minister of Finance to CPDM business tycoon Baba Danpullo.

Cameroun Info.Net reported earlier today that Mr. Wilfred Tassang has sounded a note of caution to all traditional rulers against receiving such money to sell their consciences.  “Whilst we caution any of our fathers who have taken this money of wickedness not to further desecrate the throne and their authority by taking the wrong side in this struggle, we appeal to all stakeholders not get give up at this point in time, when victory is so close.”

He added that “Those who are for us are more than those who are against us. That’s the only reason to be advanced for the fact the President’s speech leaked more than 3hrs to presentation. We have friends in very high places.” Wilfred Tassang observed that if the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo government fails to force-start schools on the 9th, Yaoundé will also be forced to face the reality.

There have been multiple secret visits to Bamenda ever since the New Year by very highly placed CPDM government officials indicating yet another sign of desperation.  Contrary to a position held by Justice Ayah Paul which called on the Anglophone leaders to give Biya a chance, it is evidently clear that the Biya regime up to now has not announced any measures taken to solve either the problems raised by lawyers or teachers. The Great Wilfred Tassang has appeal to all the teachers not to allow the strike to collapse. “If it does, we shall be greatly spited and the regime will not be under pressure to address these grievances.”

Mr Tassang has also warned union leaders against taking of bribes that will undermine the strike, in his words “For union leaders and others at the forefront of this struggle, beware! It has been revealed in the spirit realms, the release of a huge amount of VOODOO money meant to maim the brain and cause heavy carnage. We hereby call on all to fear God and resist the enemy that he may flee from us.”

The Executive Secretary of Cameroon Teachers trade Union however, reminded parents and the Anglophone student community that teachers and lawyers are not fighting for personal gains but to make Anglophone Cameroon children to be proud of belonging to a nation which they can call their own.

At the time of filing this report, information filtered out that Prime Minister Philemon Yang was en route to Bamenda in a bid to keep his job. The Teachers Trade Unionists say they have not been summoned to any meeting. It was reported that the anti Anglophone Higher Education Minister, Jacques Fame Ndongo was in Kumba to lure teachers back into the classrooms.

Culled from Cameroon Intelligence Report