S. Cameroons crimes is now an epidemic: Does VP Yerima care enough to look for a cure 0

Vice President Dabney Yerima’s deliberate silence over the poor conduct of some Ambazonia Restoration Forces in areas like Manyu, Bui, Menchum and Kupe Muanenguba is very disturbing! There are reports of horrible crimes being committed by Southern Cameroons Self-Defense Forces in Ground Zero which is slowly but sure pushing the local population away from the struggle.

We of the Cameroon Concord News Group opined recently that Southern Cameroonian fighters are no saints and popes. The situation has been made all the more complicated by the criminal elements financed by the French Cameroun government and some rogues who have become a threat to the local population.

These rogues that have infiltrated the Ground Zero Defense Council and the Ambazonia Military Forces kidnapping and molesting even Roman Catholic priests such as the case in Kikaikom in Bui and Akwaya in Manyu must be rooted out of our midst. Vice President Yerima should and must make sure that they be made to pay for their crimes.

Cameroon Concord News Group believes and fervently too that they are giving the revolution a bad name and this must be addressed forthwith. The people of Southern Cameroons should at no time be associated with the crimes being committed in our territory.

If the French Cameroun government’s stock in trade is killing, Ambazonians should let it accomplish its mission, after all the more people it kills, the more likely is the independence of Southern Cameroons. Let us give the international community more evidence of the French Cameroun government’s irresponsibility and wickedness.

The so-called activists living in faraway lands should be told to stop calling on those rogue elements that have been marauding our villages and towns to commit crimes in our names; we must know that we will be losing the sympathy of the international community that is breathing down the government’s throat.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai