Mister President: Samuel Eto’o takes over the dysfunctional FECAFOOT 0

The New Bell wonder boy, Samuel Eto’o, has taken over the Cameroon Football Federation, FECAFOOT, after a tough fight against the lame duck incumbent, Seidou Mbombou Njoya.

Eto’o’s victory was a forgone conclusion as he had rolled out a massive campaign strategy that had put other contestants in the shadow.

Eto’o, who understands the issues which have disabled FECAFOOT and has come to the rescue of the dysfunctional federation on many occasions, had promised to address those issues during his four-year term.

He had stressed the need to address the issues facing former players, adding that the country’s football leagues were capable of feeding and housing all football actors.

Eto’o, it should be underscored, has saved the lives of several former players who are either homeless or sick and this action has endeared him in the minds of many Cameroonians.

He sometimes paid airtickets for players when the federation was cash-strapped, causing many Cameroonians to hold that he should take over the dysfunctional federation.

Eto’o’s plan to give Cameroon’s football a shot in the arm, places young Cameroonians at the center of every action, a reason why many are prepared to die for him.

He has promised to build a new building for the federation and he will be working very hard to bring in investors in order to make football in Cameroon a massive business venture that should bring benefits to the youths and country.

Cameroonian youths had vowed to go on a rampage if the elections were rigged as they knew that Samuel Eto’o, the man who embodies their dream, would easily scale through  if the elections were free and fair.

The people’s pressure has paid off and it is evident that when young people decide on who has to determine their destiny, nothing can stop such a person.

Cameroon, has over the last four decades, been the ridicule of the world because of the dysfunctional nature of the country’s football federation.

Mr. Eto’o’s election has brought hope and smiles to many faces and millions of Cameroonians are looking forward to the wonder boy transforming things in Yaounde and across the country.

By Dr. Joachim Arrey