Silicon Mountain Conference 2021 calls on young tech-savvy Cameroonians to develop talent 0

The Silicon Mountain Conference, which went under way on Tuesday in the Southwest regional headquarters of Buea, is urging young tech-savvy Southern Cameroonians to develop their tech knowledge by learning from their peers.

On Thursday, which is day three of the week-long event  which is holding at the Higher Institute of Management Studies-HIMS in Buea, various speakers called on the young participants to leverage their talent to help develop technology product which can help transform society and create jobs.

At the various panel discussions, participants were encouraged  to join tech communities which will enable them to learn from peers and get hands-on skills they may not acquire from their schools or universities.

Among the participants is Zito Financial which  is also promoting the use of online payment methods for those venturing into online businesses so as to make financial transactions easier.

It should be recalled that prior to the Southern Cameroons Crisis, Silicon Mountain was a fixture in Buea, but had to relocate its activities to the Littoral region when the conflict was at its peak.

But the aspiring Buea tech sector is back as the conflict in the two English-speaking regions of the country shows signs of slowing down.

It is generally held that Buea will be a major tech hub in the years ahead as many young tech startups relocate to the city.

By Stephen Mukake in Buea