South West mayors snub launching of PNDP phase 3 0

Municipal officials in the South West region who were the main target of the National Community Driven Development Program, PNDP, a local state development outlet created by government have boycotted an event in Buea to inaugurate the third phase of the program.

Almost half of the over 200 capacity BUEA council hall was empty today considering the heavyweight nature of the event chaired by South West Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai in the Presence of the PNDP National coordinator, Mme Magdalene Nga who merely managed to address the scantily attended forum in English.

The spirit of today’s event was that of sleeping during speeches and it required an injunction from Governor Bernard Okalia for participants to wake up sleeping mates. The launching of the World Bank supported project was a disgrace and total fiasco.

More than 15 councils in the South West have been earmarked to benefit from the third phase of the project. Local development is expected to speed up in the South West region. David Nkem, Regional coordinator for PNDP South West says all have been set for the 3rd phase to kick off in the region.

Cham Victor Bama (Cameroon Concord News Group)