Southern Cameroons Crisis: The IEDs are still killing 0

For some time now, Cameroon government forces have been scoring some points with the killing of some key Ambazonian forces such as Field Marshall and this seems to have emboldened the country’s army soldiers who have been staging raids in many parts of Southern Cameroons.

However, Ambazonian fighters are also hitting the soldiers where it hurts the most, blowing them up with IEDs.

The gains may not be significant, but they are sowing fear in political circles and even among the young soldiers who have been hastily recruited and sent to the killing fields of Southern Cameroons.

On Sunday, Ambazonian forces in Bafut used IEDs to blow up an armored car which was part of a military patrol team, killing at least three government forces.

Little victories like this one are serving as morale boosts to Ambazonian fighters who have vowed to bring about the total independence of Southern Cameroons.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai