Southern Cameroonian killed in Bafut checkpoint attack named 0

Janet Ngwafor has been named as the Ambazonian civilian victim of the attack on the gendarmerie checkpoint in Bafut. She died at a military hospital in the Bamenda County late yesterday.

She succumbed to her wounds inflicted by a bullet on Tuesday night in Bafut. In this attack, two gendarmes were also killed making a total of three deaths in this incident attributed to Southern Cameroons militants who in recent days are multiplying attacks against Francophone law enforcement officers.

In its latest report published last October, the International Crisis Group called on French Cameroun political authorities and international partners to find “strong” measures to prevent the birth of armed insurgency in Southern Cameroons. Speaking on the Southern Cameroons Television, Prof. Carlson Anyangwe blamed the Bafut attack on forces loyal to the Biya Francophone regime and called on the UN to investigate the killings.

Beyond the electoral issues pending the 2018 presidential elections, the sporadic violence of recent months and communications in social networks have shown that Ambazonians are bracing up for an armed struggle.

By Sonne Peter, CCN