Southern Cameroons Crisis: Babanki Fon Posts Bail 0

As part of efforts to cleanse Southern Cameroons of the infidels who are enabling the Yaoundé government, the Small Babanki Fon, Uiyuoh Nelson Sheteh was brought to the Southern Cameroons Special Investigation Unit (SIU), North West Division, on Saturday, December 12, 2020, where he has been helping the SIU agents with their investigations.

After a thorough security assessment and a psychological evaluation of the Fon who was determined to have political intercourse with the corrupt Yaounde government, it was determined that he could post bail and professional and seasoned SIU undercover agents will continue to keep a special eye on him.

Some Southern Cameroonian Fons and Chiefs have taken to political crime and Southern Cameroonian security operatives are not leaving any stone unturned when it comes to watching over these strayed citizens.

The Fon of Kumbo is one other fon who has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. His long collaboration with the enemy is well documented and despite multiple arrests by SIU agents, the Kumbo Fon keeps on returning to his old bad ways.

The last time he had to skip town to Foumban, screaming like a desperate swine, when SIU agents were closing in on him.

 He has run afoul of Southern Cameroonian law on many occasions and he knows how things are done in the beautiful green jails of Southern Cameroons.

After serious negotiations, he was allowed to return to his palace, but information reaching the Cameroon Concord News Group’s global headquarters in the United Kingdom says that the Fon might have participated in the last electoral charade organized by the criminal and outlawed Yaoundé crime syndicate known as the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM).

According to a source close to the SIU, the Kumbo Fon is in the cross hairs of the SIU, adding that in the days ahead he might be brought in for soft questioning.

The SIU has a long list of people who will be brought in in the days ahead. The list includes all those who are still militating in the ruling CPDM which is considered a terrorist organization in Southern Cameroons.

Meanwhile, the Southwest SIU has put in place Operation Sphinx which will, in the days ahead, weed out those chiefs who are still defying the 2017 decree issued by the USA-based Interim Government.

Some Southwest chiefs have already left their chiefdoms for unknown destinations following an increase in pressure by ruthless and brave Southern Cameroonian fighters.

Chief Ayuk Hope of Sumbe had to skip town one year ago when he could not come up with an Amba levy of CFAF 1,000,000 that was required of him. He has been loitering all over East Cameroon and he is gradually giving up hope as the fighting protracts.

Chief Adolf Tambe of an obscure chiefdom is currently hiding in Buea and he has been duly advised not to return. There is ample and incontrovertible evidence that Chief Adolf Tambe is enjoying his political intercourse in violation of the 2017 Interim Government Decree.

There is also another mad dog known as Moja Moja (to use his real name Ewome John Eko) who is courting death. It is a misnomer to call him a chief and he is clearly in the cross hairs of Southern Cameroonian fighters.

From every indication, he has not learned from the mistakes of the former mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema, who thought Buea belonged to him. He died of a massive heart attack leaving behind all what he thought he was fighting for.

According to a senior Southern Cameroonian official, “these scums do not deserve to live among us. They have betrayed the people’s confidence and have fallen short of their glory.”

The Southern Cameroonian official who elected anonymity said that “Southern Cameroons will never be the same again. These scums have robbed themselves of the people’s respect. They will never enjoy that in this territory. They will only be coming in their armored cars to conduct business. Any of them who shows up without the Yaoundé government’s security will surely not have the time to relate his ordeal. The 2017 death penalty issued by the USA-based Interim Government still stands.”

“We are determined to ensure that these traitors pay with their lives. I hear Dion Ngute was in Buea yesterday. Luckily, there was security for him. He is one of those criminals hiding in Yaounde and evading Southern Cameroonian justice. We will keep on waiting until we get our opportunity. We must take our pound of flesh,” he stressed.

Many chiefs and fons in Southern Cameroons will surely not be having a good Christmas period. There will be massive arrests in the days ahead and the fighters on the ground are prepared to disrupt the activities and lives of those chiefs who have turned their backs on their people.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai in Mulheim an der Ruhr, Germany