Southern Cameroons Crisis: Biya’s one and indivisible ideology is not new 0

President Biya is not the first leader to claim that his country will remain “one and indivisible”

1) Josef Wissariono Stalin vowed that the Soviet Union will remain one and indivisible ad infinitum, however the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 resulted in the creation of 15 independent states

2) Josip Broz Tito promised that Yugoslavia will remain “one and indivisible” forever. Today we know that he was only dreaming.

3) Umar al Bashir swore that Sudan was “one and indivisible”. Today we know that he was simply playing to the gallery.

4) Mengistu Haile Mariam pledged that Ethiopia will remain “one and indivisible”. Today Eritea is an independent state.

5) Edvard Benes swore that Czechoslovakia will remain “one and indivisible”. Today there are Czech Republic and Slovakia as independent countries

6) General Suharto vowed that Indonesia will remain “one and indivisible”. However East Timor is an independent state

The truth of the matter is that a country can never remain “one and indivisible” with the help of a military. The Soviet Union was the second most powerful nation on planet earth but she disintegrated into 15 independent States because of the evil called marginalization

The powerful Soviet Union could not prevent the dissolution of USSR. This should serve as a warning to the ruling elite because the guarantee for a “one and indivisible” Cameroon is the dismantling of the systematic marginalization by one camp on the other. Engage in sincere and constructive dialogue, those who advocate war should please look at Aleppo and ask if that’s what you want for your children. There’s no joy in deaths and hatred