Southern Cameroons Crisis: Mayor Ekema displayed negative combativeness against Ambazonians when reconciliation and contrition might have been wiser choices 0

The demise of the controversial mayor of the Buea City Council, Patrick Ekema is one major thing that is giving pro French Cameroun CPDM barons more cause to worry about their chances of survival. To be sure, their situation is far worse than the jailed Ambazonia leaders.

As the Southern Cameroons leader President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe made history by stating that Biya was merely talking to himself during the so-called Major National Dialogue, prominent Southern Cameroons CPDM heavyweights denounced their own fighter and publicly debated whether the late Ekema Patrick was fit to even be a chief of bureau.

Patrick Ekema Esunge( to use his three names)  previously had shown a masterly ability to create controversies that would sink any candidate running in the Fako County. He also struggled to move beyond condemnations of his dodgy academic achievements.

Top Anglophone CPDM militants including his kinsmen, former Prime Minister Peter Mafany Musonge, Senator Mbella Moki and Arthur Lysinge openly challenged his political remarks.  Southern Cameroons citizens, pro Yaounde Southern Cameroonians, Christians and Muslims alike backed away from him. But supported by President Biya of French Cameroun and Minister Paul Atanga Nji, the “Nyamoto Kpwatolo” continued to display negative combativeness against his own people when reconciliation and contrition might have been wiser choices.

The emptiness of CPDM political power

The spectacle swirling around Mayor Ekema Patrick’s tragic end on Sunday and deep within many Anglophone CPDM barons is continuing just as the more disciplined and organized Ambazonia Interim Government appeared to be finally consolidating strength for the final phase of the liberation war.

Anglophone Senators, MPs, Mayors are operating from French Cameroun and facing questions about their respective roles in the French Cameroun genocidal campaign in Southern Cameroons.

In a maneuver that symbolized how the regime in French Cameroun is trying to accommodate its CPDM Southern Cameroonians, Biya has been publicly flirting with the Swiss government and a dissident Ambazonia group calling itself, Sako’s IG.  

However, most European nations including the United States of America have repeatedly advised Yaoundé to start talking about the issues that the Ambazonia people care about — and to start doing it now with the jailed leadership.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai