Southern Cameroons Crisis: Yerima thanks President Biden for US Temporal Status 0

US Temporal Protection Status: A message of thank you to President Biden

Fellow Ambazonians,

In December 2017, President Paul Biya of La Republique du Cameroun declared war on the people of Southern Cameroons. Because of this war, his invading and raiding forces have created a humanitarian crisis in our nation. Today the Interim Government of Ambazonia wants to record its gratitude to the US Department of Homeland Security for granting Temporal Protection Status to Ambazonians seeking refuge in the United States of America.

Today is a great day for justice, but we must remain grounded as a people. The Interim Government of Ambazonia is calling on other governments worldwide to follow this decisive ruling by the US government by granting protection to Ambazonians within their territories.

The Interim Government of Ambazonia wants to extend the gratitude of the Ambazonian people to; Comrades Efi Tembong and Silvie Bello.

I want to put on record that APOCSNET, American Council, TAWPAC, One Voice Africa, Cameroon TPS Coalition, Grass Root Law Project, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch have been immense in leading this campaign.

To all Southern Cameroons individuals, leaders and groups who worked tirelessly to achieve this great victory, I salute your vigour for our people.

Our goal must remain freedom and justice, and together, we shall overcome.

God bless the Federal Republic of Ambazonian.


Dabney Yerima

Vice President

Ambazonia Interim Government