Southern Cameroons healthcare system collapsing amid Biya French Cameroun war 0

The Ambazonia Interim Government (IG) has sounded a note of caution to all Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora about the dire healthcare situation in Ground Zero, exacerbated by continued Francophone army military operations.

Vice President Dabney Yerima says urgent action is needed to contain the ongoing cholera, COVID-19 pandemic and measles outbreak in the Ambazonia homeland.

Briefing the Ambazonia war cabinet on his recent trip to Cambodia, Dabney Yerima cited acute malnutrition across Southern Cameroons as another health problem requiring swift action. Yerima pointed out that those in the Diaspora should help families and love ones back home in all what they can during this difficult times.

The exiled Ambazonia leader said the poor healthcare system in Southern Cameroons, which worsened after Biya and French Cameroun declared a complete military takeover of the entire homeland is rapidly getting worse.

“Southern Cameroons families are currently facing an unprecedented medicine shortage amid the war in Ukraine. I am appealing to all Southern Cameroonians in the West to send money back home to their respective families to help them cope with the sharp rise in drug prices,” Yerima said.

The people of Southern Cameroons will soon run out of medicine to treat patients if urgent action is not taken by the international community, Yerima stated his comments to the Ambazonia war cabinet.

All the drug stocks in our homeland will run out of medicine soonest, if nothing is done,” Yerima warned

By Isong Asu