Southern Cameroons Interim government dismiss Biya regime’s Kumba arrest story 0

The Ambazonia Interim Government on Wednesday dismissed as false, reports made public by the Biya Francophone regime claiming French Cameroun security apparatus have arrested the Ambazonia general behind the Kumba massacre.

The Biya regime announced this week that the suspect, Ngwa Neba alias Commandant Zabbra, 24, was arrested on Tuesday during an incidence when he tried to rob an elderly man. Yaoundé also revealed that the success of the operation came to bear fruits after local police continued their hunt for the Kumba suspect since the incidence occurred on 24 October.

The Biya regime statement endorsed by the Senior Divisional Officer for Meme County also noted that after a thorough questioning by the police, Neba Ngwa confessed being a separatist fighter adding that he belongs to a gang of Ambazonia fighters based behind Government Bilingual High School Kossala, Kumba.

Speaking exclusively to Cameroon Concord News earlier today, Vice President Dabney Yerima said, Biya and his criminal French Cameroun gangs were behind the massacre of innocent Southern Cameroons children in Kumba.

Yerima observed that highly placed officials in the French Cameroun regime benefiting from the war ordered and teleguided the killings in Kumba.  The Southern Cameroons Second-In-Command added that Yaoundé was attempting to avoid a discourse of the crisis in the ongoing UN Security Council meeting in New York.

The French Cameroun regime earlier announced to the world that they arrested 122 persons linked to the massacre in Kumba and now they are moving the goal post claiming to have arrested an Ambazonia fighter still on the same issue!!These are meant to taint the image of the Southern Cameroons people, undermine the legitimacy of the Ambazonia Interim government and render our suffering people more helpless” Dabney Yerima furthered.

The Ambazonia Interim government would like to debunk and dismiss these French Cameroun diabolic harsh ploy with the contempt it deserve,” said Vice President Yerima

Pressure is mounting on the Francophone dictator Biya who is reportedly suffering from a suspected cancer. Soldiers loyal to the regime in Yaoundé have taken control of main roads in Southern Cameroons harassing businessmen and women and extorting money from the local population.

International pressure is also mounting against Biya as Southern Cameroons detainees have reportedly been sexually assaulted in both the New Bell prison in Douala and the Kondengui High Security prison in Yaoundé.

The Biya regime with support from the French has blocked all UN Human Rights experts who demanded or expressed the need to visit the country and assess the situation in the Southern Cameroons.

The government also accused Southern Cameroons diaspora, civil society organizations and opposition aligned online media of promoting political activism.

By Isong Asu in London