Southern Cameroons : Time to elect your new own Government is NOW! 0


The ghost town strikes are a wonderful and effective way of resistance against an illegitimate occupation army which may not be much longer loyal to such a senile, untrustworthy embezzler like Mr. Biya. Even France will drop him soon for his incompetent and illegal actions. Nevertheless while the human rights violations and arrests of Ambazonian leaders are increasing still, the Ambazonian population should be aware, that no little scattered, lousy “army” of corrupt dictators has any chance against 8 million determined Ambazonians, and that Ambazonia can open its constituent assembly or government all the same right now, because it does not need any OK from foreign nations for that. And as soon as the occupation forces try to close any ministry of the (interim) Ambazonia Government, it can re-open that ministry immediately at just another location! Be tactical and confuse your enemy!

Also the UN has granted Ambazonia independence since 1984 and the UN Convention for the LAW of the SEA grants Ambazonia full property of its oil and gas as well up to 200 miles from the shore, so Ambazonia can actually forbid Sonara and La Kleptocratique du Craboon the stealing of the oil. As soon as Ambazonia promises Exxon and British Petrol some higher share (without being pulled over the table!), the USA and UK and Nigeria and even may be Spain will support Ambazonia by allowing an own Ambazonia Army to defend from the French. And together with a new Constitution of Ambazonia, which guarantees that the revenues of the oil (taxes) and agricultural exports will flow back to the Ambazonian People, Ambazonia will become unbeatable and the admired pearl of Africa. And on top of that, the new Ambazonia Government can organize a referendum soon after, in which the many tribes can vote on a new name for the nation, which is not a colonizer’s name anymore, but a native languages name. How about “Baland”, the land of the many Ba Peoples, Ba-kossi, Banso, Bali, Bafaw, Balundu,  Ba-ngwa, Ba-kweri, Bayangi, Bafut …. ?

Yet for now, the Ambazonian diaspora can get expertise from the UN and Norway on how to regain control over its resources and territory and transform oil into wealth, as well as from all BRIC countries on how to open the Ambazonia National Bank and issue a new currency by attracting its futures to foreign investors, and to force France / Switzerland this way to send Biya into permanent exile retirement and bring him before International Court for his human rights violations and embezzlements. Don’t hesitate, just do it! Overcome intertribal ditchfights before your common enemy and start teamworking! Elect your new own Government NOW!

By Christoph Messner