Southern Cameroons: Vice President Yerima talks Bank of Ambazonia, Big Rubbergun in address to the nation 0

Fellow Southern Cameroonians/ Ambazonians, my fellow countrymen and women

Accept New Year Compliments from your President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and his team in detention. They are sound, committed and dedicated to our liberation struggle. Their devotion gives many the courage to keep going in moments of despair. The people of Ambazonia committed on October 1, 2017, that freedom and independence must reign in their land. Since then, the Ambazonian nation is still enduring genocide by the terrorist tribal colonial regime in Yaoundé.

Our homeland security services have determined that the war on our soil has brought untold misery, with over 40000 killed, more than 582 of our villages and thousands of houses burned down, 1,000,000 internally displaced in Ambazonia and over 150,000 refugees in neighbouring Nigeria, Ghana, Southern Africa, Europe and the Mexican Border. To all of you in pain and those who have lost loved ones, I come to say that the IG feels your pain and that the days of your suffering and heartache will soon be over.

Today I come to talk to you about the successes and challenges we have faced since I came to office as your Vice President in May 2018, with specific emphasis on 2021 and our collective hope for 2022.


In May 2018, I was called by Ambazonians and reaffirmed by the President of the Interim Government, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, as his Vice president with the clear and challenging mandate to redirect and save our Interim Government and our revolution. The adverse impact of falsehood, manipulations, corrupt practices, mismanagement of our limited resources and personal gains rather than putting Ambazonia first, orchestrated by those trusted with leadership after the abduction of our leaders in Nigeria, brought our movement into serious disrepute. This was exacerbated by brutal genocidal onslaughts on our armless people and properties by Paul Biya’s repugnant military regime. We took over an extremely messy institution, but I am very thankful to genuine Ambazonians with an unquenchable quest to reclaim justice and restore our total freedom. I am grateful to members of our leadership team who ensured we successfully stabilized and redirected the ship. Our revolution is safe, on track, and we are now earnestly cruising to Buea, though with some challenges.

My dear comrades, in 2021, amongst hundreds of outrageously callous activities, the French Cameroun terrorist’s regime embarked on a campaign of executing unarmed civilians and toddlers. Mr Fuh Max Dang, a Physics teacher at GBHS Kumba, Mr Njibril Dula of Foncha Street Bamenda, Five-year-old toddler Caroline Louise Ndialle, and Seven-year-old toddler Tataw Brandy were amongst hundreds of Ambazonians executed by Mr Biya’s hired assassins. These Southern Cameroonians, and thousands massacred last year, had long and beautiful lives ahead of them. While our thoughts and prayers remain with their friends and immediate families, we must make a collective decision to succeed in our quest for independence to honour their memories. 

Fellow Ambazonians, in the middle of an existential struggle, we are faced with self-inflicted internal tensions and obstacles to unity. But those amongst us who assumed that good standards and truthfulness must bend for immediate personal gain were proven wrong in 2021. The IG is open to all Ambazonians with talents, dedicated to contributing to our journey to freedom and independence. This is the time for all genuine Ambazonians within the IG leadership structures, our foot soldiers and the masses at home and in the diaspora to genuinely bond with the IG and ensure the kind of synergy needed to facilitate our journey to Buea.


We are inspired by the creation and the growth of the Bank of Ambazonia as a semi-autonomous institution that ensures effective fundraising, transparency, accountability and responsibility in all our undertakings. The strategic innovations support and empowerment of refugees, IDPs, prisoners, the IG Self-defense and sister self-defense groups are some of the hallmarks of the Bank of Ambazonia.

The last twelve months were positive on the diplomatic front, as we made constructive strides and gains in international mainstream media. As a people, the IG took the plight of our people to many international media outlets. The international community developed interests in our plight, and some previously hesitant nations and organizations have become partners in our liberation struggle. This success is due to the collective dedication of many comrades and the Interim Government of Ambazonia. Of particular note, British MPs Ms Claudia Webb and Ms Emily Thornberry have been outspoken in the British parliament and press about our struggle. And I wish to extend the gratitude of the Ambazonian people to them.

In 2021, your Interim Government launched the Big Rubbergun Project, which enabled Ambazonians to invest in their revolution. This flagship project initiated to supplement the Bond project has registered a measure of success. The proceeds have helped the IG launch and support our Ambazonia Revolutionary Guards (ARG). The project is still ongoing, and I urge our people to continue to invest in the revolution through the project. Your investments in the Big Rubbergun Project have empowered Commanders to lead, organize, and coordinate their fighting units in many counties to take on the enemy robustly. We encourage our Valliant liberation fighters to carry on with the good work.

The Vision

We are reiterating our vision in this struggle, and our vision has been to be one fighting unit. A Coalition of the willing will make us an effecting fighting force.

Ambazonia Revolutionary Guard

The Responsibility to protect populations from genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and ethnic cleansing (In our case, even our excesses) has emerged as an essential global principle since the UN World Summit in 2005. Self-defense is a right consistent with international law. We were bold and steadfast in launching THE BIG RUBBERGUN Project in 2021. In 2022, the Interim Government will upgrade the ARG capacity to defend our territory and people from the enemy’s armed predatory violations and its marauding rapist and baby assassins.

Few will have the greatness to create history by themselves, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of the Ambazonia we intend to create. Hundreds of Ambazonia Revolutionary Guards have already made a difference in the jungles of our nation, and their sacrifice will never go unnoticed. As Vice President, I’ve always believed that our freedom is non-negotiable. I ask for your dedication because I believe you share the hope for freedom with me.


Paul Biya’s brutal regime has continued to kill, extort, harass, and kidnap our people even as refugees in Nigeria with the complacency of some dubious and inhumane members of the Nigerian government security services. Southern Cameroonians have always considered the people of Nigeria as our brothers and sisters, and we expect the Nigerian government to uphold the moral and ethical standards required to protect, empower, and defend our highly vulnerable refugees. We will continue to remind the Nigerian Government and UNHCR of their responsibility to safeguard and protect Ambazonian refugees, especially from the evil hands of the French neocolonial regime in Cameroun. As a people, we Ambazonians are under French Cameroun subjugation and exploited in every conceivable way. Freedom must be our unshakeable goal; and we must take the lead to free ourselves. The road ahead is dotted with many dangers and upon us is a more significant burden of responsibility than any generation that has ever lived in our land. I note with pride your tireless sacrifices and pray that you continue to play your part in this journey to greatness and freedom. 

Our international partners should demonstrate their legitimate concern for the education of our children by sponsoring educational facilities abroad, those of our children who demonstrate the unique attitude and help relocate in friendly countries, contingents of our children there to continue with their education.

 Fellow Ambazonians, the Ambazonia Revolutionary Guards will employ strategies to defend our national interest regarding the forthcoming Africa Cup of Nations. We advise all Ambazonians to stay away from the games and crowded public locations.

French Cameroun and International Community

The International Community must note that as a direct consequence of the incomplete decolonization of 1961, the Southern Cameroons finds itself under colonial annexation, oppression, and a war of extermination. This humiliation and indignity are unacceptable. The UN and the UK must complete the decolonization of the Southern Cameroons as a matter of international law and obligation. The UN and the UK must play an active role in ensuring the decolonization of the Southern Cameroons. Decolonization is the only alternative to colonization, and we will not stop our fight for justice, freedom and independence.

I want to put it on record that our quest for freedom and independence will continue until we succeed, no matter how long it takes. It will continue to affect your families adversely. Eventually, it will collapse the evil Biya tribal regime that you fail to stand up to and assert your self-determination rights. Each time human’s stand up for ideals or strike out against injustice; they send forth tiny ripples of hope to humanity the world over.

We urge you, people of La Republique du Cameroun, to stand up against the indescribable evil and darkness that has taken over your country under Mr Paul Biya. It is up to Yaounde’s tribal and old regime to commit to peace. We will continue to assert our inalienable rights to self-determination. In doing so, we are open to engaging in negotiations to settle the colonial question we are confronted with. We are ready to negotiate but never out of fear and will never fear negotiating. We completely reject any suggestion that we can possibly ever accept to be caged as slaves in French Cameroun or be connected in any form of cohabitation with that French vassal state. We believe that French Cameroun must now accept that it has to stand and fend for itself rather than continue to depend like an invalid on the Southern Cameroons.

Diaspora and Internal Fighting

Fellow Ambazonians, we must approach our struggle with dignity and exploit not our modest diversity. We must unite by the closeness of our goals, desires, and hope for the future. Now, more than ever, it is imperative for all frontline movements in our struggle to come together as the cruelties and obstacles of the regime in Yaoundé will be ended not with outworn slogans or gimmicks on social media and not by poorly conceived policies. Our liberation cannot be won by criminal activity, but with collaboration, honesty, integrity, monetary sacrifice, blood and toil by all Ambazonians of goodwill.

Consequently, the Interim Government of Ambazonia considers the arbitrary and collective imposition of the Amba Liberation Tax on our people without their concerns and without any quid pro quo, to be an irrational imposition on our people who are already making tremendous sacrifices in our liberation struggle. Let me use this opportunity to call on groups embarking on such a policy to cease without delay. Any funding commitments of the liberation struggle must be by all of us in the diaspora. People in the Diaspora who are not themselves making financial sacrifices to our war effort have no moral authority to coerce poor and suffering people in Ground Zero to do so!

Way forward in 2022

Fellow Ambazonians, in 2022, your Interim Government will take several tactical and strategic initiatives on Ground Zero that will change the cause of our just struggle against French Cameroun depraved colonization and occupation.

In 2022, the IG intends to design and propose to the Ambazonian people reorganization strategies to build from grassroots up. This information will be communicated over the coming weeks from the cabinet of the IG. 2022 will see us launch the Rekindle Hope Outreach, our humanitarian outfit.

Comrades, in 2022, the IG will launch the CR20 census project, and all Ambazonians are encouraged to register in the secured database. From now on, let us use our social media platforms to send the right message to the world that we are more united than divided. CDN’s platform gives us what we need to build bridges and transmit positive messages to the international community.

The Ambazonian Prisoners of Conscience Network (APOCS), supported by the Global Takumbeng, the House of Country and Regional Representatives, the Sam Soya Center for Democracy and Human Rights, the Denis Hurly Peace Institute, and many other religious, academic, civil society, human rights and justice organizations will be launching a massive global campaign to call for the release of all our prisoners with  President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe as the face of prisoners and our revolution from January 5 2022. I am inviting all Ambazonians and solidarity partners to contribute unreservedly in making this global campaign a great success.

The regime in Yaoundé clings to the dark delusion that Southern Cameroons is their private estate upon which they can enrich themselves from its abundant minerals and natural resources. It is our job, the task of this generation, to put an end to this mistaken belief. Attaining freedom is our inalienable right before God and consistent with international law. All the display of military power from Yaoundé has not dented our spirits or reduced our collective resolve in five years. From the very onset of this war, we psychologically prepared ourselves and envisaged the ways and means for fighting indefinitely.

So, the questions every Southern Cameroonian must ask are; how many men and women of ability had, since 1961, been denied the opportunity to contribute to humanity’s progress because they were Southern Cameroonians? How many Southern Cameroons children have snoozed uneducated, and their potential lost forever? What price will we pay for freedom?

Fellow Comrades, we must keep marching towards freedom and independence. The road toward freedom is not easy and high costs and danger march alongside us. We must remain committed, and the world needs to understand our position. There is greater hope for the future as Ambazonia must be free!! Ambazonians are prepared to sacrifice a hundred times over and over to secure their freedom and their territory. Freedom has no price, home is home. Home, sweet home.

We shall continue to fight the enemy with greater determination and with all available means at our disposal until freedom is achieved. We have no shadow of a doubt that freedom in this God-ordained struggle will be achieved. The lesson of history is that all colonized peoples and even slaves have always eventually won their freedom. We shall not be the exception. We shall win, come what may. Death to the colonizer.

Ambazonians, It is Freedom or Resistance forever

 I thank you

God bless you

God bless the Federal Republic of Ambazonian