Southern Cameroons War: 15 Divisional Officers not found at their posts of command 0

The so-called Minister- Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic has instructed Paul Atanga Nji, the Minister of Territorial Administration to carry out a re-installation ceremony of all Divisional Officers to their functions in Southern Cameroons plagued by insecurity.

The President Biya acolyte, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh stated in a recent ministerial order that  6 Divisional Officers left Menchum County due to the war in Southern Cameroons while 2 sub prefects have been conspicuously absent in the Momo constituency.

Secretary General Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh revealed that, 7 districts in 4 Counties in the Southern Zone were without administrative heads. Since the outbreak of the Southern Cameroons crisis in late 2016, 2 Divisional Officers have already been killed by armed Ambazonian Restoration Forces.

The re-installation of these Divisional Officers in their various localities as prescribed by the Secretary General of the presidency has been linked to preparations for the counterfeit presidential election slated for the 7th of October 2018 that armed Southern Cameroons separatists have promised to disrupt. None of the nine Divisional Officers has so far held a political meeting in this part of the country ever since the 85 year President Biya declared war on the English speaking community in Cameroon.

By Sama Ernest