Suspect in Douala shooting that killed three arrested in Soa 0

Gendarmerie elements supported by soldiers from the Rapid Intervention Battalion unit have arrested Constable Takem Wamba suspected of having shot his colleague and two other people, including a young lady presented as his girlfriend. The carnage took place in Douala on December 24, 2017.

Constable Takem was arrested in Soa, a small town located less than 20 km from Yaoundé precisely in the Mefou and Afamba Division in the Central Region, where he had taken refuge. The alleged murderer had time to commit his crime and moved from Douala to Soa in Yaoundé- a distance of more than 250 km.

Mr. Takem Wamba travelled between Douala and Yaoundé with a pistol, including a Kalashnikov and other ammunition on a motorway riddled with mixed road checks of police and gendarmes. The suspect will be presented to a judge on Thursday.

By Sama Ernest