The Holy Father in pain and horror over the barbaric murder of a priest in France 0

Pope Francis expressed his “pain and horror” Tuesday after two knife-wielding men in northern France took a number of people hostage at a church and killed a priest.

Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said the leader of the Roman Catholic Church had been particularly appalled by the “barbaric killing” that happened in a sacred place.

“The pope… participates in the pain and horror of this absurd violence,” media outlets quoted Lombardi as saying, adding that the attack created “immense pain and worry.”

The Tuesday attack hits particularly hard “because this horrific violence took place in a church, a sacred place in which the love of God is announced, and the barbaric murder of a priest and the involvement of the faithful,” the Vatican spokesman stated.

Lombardi described the attack “more terrible news that adds to a series of violence in these days that have left us upset, creating immense pain and worry.”