This is how Biya plans to destroy the Ambazonian Interim Government 0

The regime in Yaoundé has recruited a cream of Southern Cameroonians serving with the private sector in French Cameroon to help destroy the credibility of the exiled Ambazonian Interim Government (IG) in the USA. Cameroon Intelligence Report has gotten intelligence that independent Southern Cameroonians holding top positions in multinationals in Douala and Yaoundé have been hired and ordered to travel to the US pretending to seek genuine dialogue with the IG.

The Biya think tank took the move amid fears that the ruling CPDM crime syndicate moderates were becoming virtually extinct ever since the Southern Cameroons revolution started. Today, Biya is pursuing a doggy radical shrinkage of the unitary government and he has requested his media gurus to sell it to the world as a project that has come to overthrow the old CPDM style of governance. But the real goal of this Biya Francophone project is to meet with the leaders of the Interim Government on camera and later on get Cho Ayaba and Boh Herbert to come up with stories that the Interim Government has received hush hush money from the Biya regime.

Our senior correspondent in Yaoundé revealed that the scheme has been code-named “The Overthrow of the IG.” The essence of the vicious plan is familiar with what took place in Abuja, Nigeria that eventually led to the abduction and extradition to French Cameroun of the Acting President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, His Excellency Sisiku Ayuk Tabe including top aides of his government.  In addition, the Biya regime’s diabolic harsh ploy aims to fan the flames of division between the IG and the other smaller groups in the Ambazonian struggle.

Unlike conventional policies already being implemented in Southern Cameroons to achieve the goals of a one and indivisible nation, the new malicious project also aims to create and obtain permanent control over all Southern Cameroons organizations that are hostile towards the Interim Government. That goal is already being pursued with an increasingly aggressive and norm-violating form of hardball politics only rarely seen in recent times in Yaoundé.

Whether the Biya Francophone CPDM scheme is a thought-out strategy or a skillful use of Southern Cameroonians in the private sector to implement its far-right ideology will have to be determined by the leadership prowess of Dr. Ikome Samuel Sako.  Understanding the various genocidal activities currently going on in Southern Cameroons as a Biya Francophone project makes it easier to see the unstated purposes of these calls for dialogue involving legendary footballer, Samuel Eto’o and the Southern Cameroons big names in the French Cameroonian private sector in Douala and Yaoundé and how they are connected.

The Right Royal President has never attacked his ruling Francophone Beti Ewondo CPDM establishment. He has always supported its pattern of management and its goals. In fact, Biya has always said he will never negotiate with Southern Cameroonians and that’s the goal too of the Southern Cameroonians who will be travelling to the US anytime soonest.

Like every French Cameroun political elite, this so-called Southern Cameroons success stories in Douala and Yaoundé will be eager to make life yet more difficult for Ambazonia’s economically and otherwise vulnerable citizens just to be in the good books of the a regime that is taking the last kicks of a dying horse.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai