UN says Kumba massacre is ‘the worst atrocity’ 0

Hundreds of Southern Cameroonians held a peaceful procession through the streets of Kumba town and ended at the site of a school attacked on Saturday that the Ambazonia Interim Government has blamed on Cameroon government forces.

The Southern Cameroonians in the Meme County carried placards denouncing the attack, while calling for an end to war declared by French Cameroun President Paul Biya against the people of British Southern Cameroons in 2017.

The French Cameroun civil administrator of the Meme constituency told news reporters that “Instead of 6 we have now seven corpses in the mortuary,” Mr  Ntou’ou Ndong Chamberlin, the Senior Divisional Officer has been responsible for all Cameroon government military operations in Meme and he is currently benefitting from the proceeds of war.

We have to make it stop, they [children] are our future, we need our education, they are our future leaders, violence must stop,” said a man at the procession.

The UN headed by the corrupt Antonio Gutteres called the shooting ‘the worst atrocity’ since schools reopened in Cameroon two weeks ago.

Fighting between Cameroonian troops and Ambazonia Restoration Forces in Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia has killed thousands. Human Rights Watch recently accused both sides of committing atrocities.

No Southern Cameroons Restoration group has claimed responsibility for the attack but French Cameroun authorities have put the blame on separatist militia fighters.

By Fon Lawrence and Kingsley Betek