When will President Biya die? 0

For 37 years, the Cameroonian dictator has transformed himself into a cult master so to speak expecting citizens and cabinet ministers to bow in homage. When Biya appeared before the Cameroonian people lately, it was evidently clear that Mr. Biya also known as the “monarch” is now a colony of diseases. Cameroon Intelligence Report senior correspondent in Yaoundé observed recently that Biya is suffering from a failing heart, a failed prostrate and loss of memory which makes it hard for him to carry out his duties as a head of state. So, when will Biya die?

Moving around in diapers over the last seven years, the 87 years old health is now a huge concern not only to his closest collaborators but to the international community. He has not been seen ever since he appeared on state television with the out gone French ambassador to Cameroon.

He loses his mind during conversations and for many months now, it is his wife, Chantal Biya and her relation, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh who also moonlights as Minister-Secretary General at the presidency of the republic that have been pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Ngoh Ngoh and Defense Minister Beti Assomo have ordered the army to make a final push in Southern Cameroons. In the days ahead the world will witness more killings in Ambazonia all in a bid to get children back to school and avoid sitting on the negotiating table with Southern Cameroonians.

Biya is definitely not aware of this direction that his government has taken but senior Cameroon political commentators have blamed it all in Biya’s own political misjudgments and his refusal to acknowledge his mistakes.

The young Beti Ewondo French Cameroun political elites around him and the ailing Justice Minister Laurent Esso will not allow Mr. Biya to accept political responsibility to end citizens’ fear and the war in Southern Cameroons.

No one in Yaoundé knows when Mr. Biya will be willing to step down! No one knows when he will tell Francophone soldiers to stop killing innocent Southern Cameroons civilians including women and children. To be sure, Biya continues to head a government that no one takes responsibility, no one apologizes, and no one resigns.

All over the country, citizens are afraid of him and his killer squad, the gendarmerie, the police and the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR). There are no more combative press conferences in Yaoundé due to rising tensions in the city between the Bamilekes of the Western region and the Betis of the South.

Under the “One the one and indivisible Cameroon” principle, all media houses in French Cameroun have ignored the sufferings of those they once referred to as our “Anglophone Brothers”.

However, French Cameroonians are beginning to see for themselves the failures of the monstrous liability of a head of state they help in creating. Everything in French Cameroun, their cities, their homes have all been pushed into an abyss.

But none in the Biya Francophone regime is heartbroken by the atrocities committed daily by Francophone army soldiers in Southern Cameroons. This explains why their leader, President Paul Biya till this day has offered no concessions to Southern Cameroonians.

Biya does not have a conscience!! Correspondingly, many citizens have been asking recently when Biya will die.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai