Why the attacks on the Ambazonian Interim Gov’t MUST Stop 0

1. Ambazonia is not yet a democracy.
2. Ambazonia Government does not yet have the mechanism or ability to enforce any law.
3. The Ambazonia Government can not run as a pure democracy because her current situation does not support all the elements of democracy which includes free and fair Elections.
4. The Ambazonia Government is not yet capable of providing the basics to her citizens: security, public health, water, electricity and jobs.
5. The Ambazonia Government has no guarantee source of revenue to run it’s programs.
6. The Ambazonia Government is an interim Government.
7. The leaders of Ambazonia are on exile or in jail with the inability to freely travel and do what they want to do for their country.
8 The Ambazonia Government does not have any diplomatic allies yet who can protect or assist her.
9. The Ambazonia Government is a transitional one going through a process.
10. The Ambazonia Government has no economy or Intelligence system to depend on.
11. The Ambazonia Government is run by volunteers. Its very challenging to expect from volunteers what you can expect from employees.
12. Not every Ambazonian can serve as a volunteer because of many reasons: some could be fear of consequences to them or their families, they have jobs that gives them no extra time to sacrifice, some can not handle the extra workload with their work and family demands

If so what type of Government is Ambazonia?

The Answer is simple:

The Ambazonia Government is a Revolutionary Government.

What are some of the characteristics of a Revolutionary Government.

Decision can not be made by pure democracy. Not everyone will have the ability to participate. Even if everyone does participate in decision making, they do not have the power or mechanism to enforce what they agree.


This type of Government is the only one that is suitable and good for a revolution if it has to succeed. It means few people will be chosen to make decisions that everyone can follow until it becomes a Nation that can provide the basics necessities to it’s citizens.