Yaounde: Another government likely soon, Biya to replace Philemon Yang 0

It has been reported that members of Government have lost sleep, since the return of President Biya from Geneva. The cause of their insomnia is the imminence of a cabinet reshuffle which some sources say Mr. Paul Biya would have carefully studied during his recent stay abroad.

The much anticipated shakeup was expected some few days after the presidential couple arrived Yaoundé.  But more than a week after his return to the headquarters of institutions, doubt is already crystallizing in people’s minds. The wait has been prolonged with a trip to Chad amid rising adrenaline.

Biya continues to be the only master of time and there are under-the-table talks that his 31st government since he came to power in 1982 will surely take into account the current socio-political context in Southern Cameroons.

A well-placed source hinted that it will not be surprising to see adjustments made to meet some of the demands of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium.  Many within the power circles believe that it is likely Philemon Yang will be removed as the Prime Minister.

By Sonne Peter, CCN