Yaounde: Biya appoints technical advisers, 33 secretaries in the Prime Minister’s office 0

Prime Minister, Head of government, Philemon Yang, yesterday July 11, 2016, urged newly promoted personnel to be assiduous and expedient in carrying out their functions. The cabinet hall at the 6th floor of the Star-Building hosted the ceremony to install newly appointed officials in the Prime Minister’s Office. The officials included 11 Technical Advisers, 33 secretaries, 47 roving officers known as attache, five Directors and their deputies, appointed both in the Cabinet and the General Secretariat of the Prime Minister’s Office on July 4 and 5, 2016 by the President of the Republic.

Commissioning the officials, the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Philemon Yang, urged them to be assiduous, hardworking, determined and courageous as they carry on with their tasks. He reminded them of their role in assisting him achieve the mission entrusted by the Head of State. “We are there to help the President of the Republic in his mission”, he stated while exhorting the newly promoted officials to shun all that can tarnish the image of the country such as corruption.

 The Premier said they must give their opinion on each file that is sent to them, while admonishing the senior officials not to keep files for too long. Philemon Yang insisted on hard-work, stating that they must show their know-how in order to merit the confidence of the Head of State. Their appointment, the Prime Minister remarked, comes within a particular context of the Emergence Plan put in place by the Head of State and the country’s hosting of the 2016 and 2019 African Cup of Nations tournaments.

With these important events, the Prime Minister told the promoted that the Head of State and the government count on them for the success of the plan and the hosting of the continent’s biggest football events. While the official phase of the commissioning was on in cabinet hall of the PM’s office, family members and dance groups thronged the parking lot of the main entrance of the office where they celebrated with their loved ones.


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