Yaoundé: Biya’s return postponed indefinitely and no explanation provided 0

The much-sung Biya’s return to Cameroon today July 25, 2021, has been postponed indefinitely and no explanation was provided by the country’s authorities.

Mr. Biya was expected to return today after a so-called private visit abroad which many skeptics say is more of a medical visit than a private visit.

A source close to the Cameroonian dictator who has ruled the country for almost 40 years has disclosed that the ailing Biya cannot sit for seven hours on the airplane after a major brain surgery.

The source added that Mr. Biya was slowly coming out of his deep coma, but he was too weak to do anything on his own.

The Cameroon Concord News Group’s Paris Correspondent who is currently in Geneva has reported that there is panic within the ailing president’s entourage, something which underscores that there are dark clouds gathering over the country.

He added that though most of them were tight-lipped, it could be deciphered from their silence that there was something ominous in the offing.

A hospital source in Geneva also told our correspondent that given his age, the chances of Mr. Biya recovering were as slim as the chances of a real national dialogue taking place in Cameroon.

The source, which spoke on condition of anonymity, insisted that at his age and given the number of illnesses he was harboring, it would be a miracle for him to live for a long time.

He stressed that within government circles, the issue they were facing was how to get Mr. Biya back home safely to demonstrate that he could still run the show.

Now that he cannot conveniently sit on an airplane, his next option will be to get him on a train to the nearest port city for him to get a cruise ship back home, but that will take a few days and the news about his failing health will be spreading like wildfire.

Supporters of the corrupt leader are hugely disappointed. They had donned their party uniforms today to welcome him, but to their greatest dismay, they were advised to head home with no clear and convincing news about their corrupt hero.

A source in Yaoundé has informed the Cameroon Concord News Group that many people will lose sleep today. The indefinite postponement of the dictator’s return has left many wondering and dejected.

We are finally accepting that there is something brewing in Geneva. This is the first time Mr. Biya’s return to his native land has been postponed,” the source said.

I have tonnes of butterflies in my stomach and many of our party members are really worried. We have been told in strict confidence that the president might not be in good shape to undertake such a long journey. How is he therefore going to return?” the stressed out CPDM stalwart quipped.

I pray he does not return in a coffin. He has been sick lately and many of us have been scared. I know many of my party members are sincerely sympathizing with our national president, but the crooks among us are simply thinking of their fate if things go the wrong way,” he said.

Some of these fellows have robbed the nation blind and they know that if things go the wrong way, they will either be fleeing the country or heading to jail. This is not a good situation,” he added.

Cameroon is heading in the wrong direction. Mr. Biya’s demise will surely trigger an orgy of killing as all the other ethnic groups are clearly pitted against the Betis who have run the country’s economy aground.

Another source close to the French embassy advised the Cameroon Concord News Group that applications for French visas have gone up ever since news of Mr. Biya’s failing health made the headlines.

According to the source, government officials are asking for visas to prepare themselves just in case the architect of the massive corruption in Cameroon exits unceremoniously.

Under Mr. Biya, Cameroon has earned the unpopular tag as one of the most corrupt countries on the face of the earth and the country has once earned the humiliating distinction as the most corrupt country in the world for two years in a row.

Mr. Biya’s declining health is a real torture to many who have willingly participated in the corruption that has become the country’s hallmark.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai with files from Geneva and Yaounde