34 years of appeasing the French: Adelè Mballa sacked over President Macron slip-up 0

New officials have been appointed at the Cameroon Radio and Television following the successful holding the extraordinary session of the Board of Directors meeting on Thursday June 29, 2017 in Yaoundé.

The appointments were made in the Radio and TV departments including those at the regional stations and CRTV FM channels. Some former officials such as Ibrahim Cherif, the director of TV and Alain Belibi head of the radio were retained.

Of vital significance was the dismissal of Adelè Mballa as Director of TV News, as well as Jean Marie Nka sacked from his position as Editor-in-Chief. Cameroon Intelligence Report understands the two were fired as a consequence of a costly mistake on the formation of the new French government under Emmanuel Macron.

By Rita Akana
Cameroon Concord News