4 Ambazonia fighters in French Cameroun police dragnet 0

Four Southern Cameroons Self Defense Forces suspected of murdering a French Cameroun officer were reportedly captured on Monday in Muyuka in the Fako County, according to a source deep within the French Cameroun colonial administration in Southern Cameroons.

Local media reported that the Ambazonia Restoration Forces were ambushed and arrested in their camp by the French Cameroun military that also seized their weapons. Yaoundé observed that the operation was successful thanks to the collaboration of the Southern Cameroons public.

The French Cameroun serviceman Jean Noel Ndongo was arrested by the Ambazonia Restoration Forces and some reports suggested that he was then buried alive in Muyuka last week.

The murder of the French Cameroun soldier was widely condemned East of the Moungo River after the Restoration Forces filmed the gruesome act and posted the video online.

More than 300 government security force members have been killed since an armed conflict started in Southern Cameroons in 2017, according to the French Cameroun army.

By Rita Akana with files from Xinhuanet