Ambazonia Crisis: Medical Doctor shot in Bamenda 0

A Southern Cameroons physician in Bamenda the chief city in the North of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, Dr Veh Dinga-Nyoh of PMI Nkwen , was shot on the back this morning on her way to work by troops loyal to the Biya regime.  Giving an account of the incident to our London editorial office, CIR’s Sama Ernest reported that she has been transferred to the regional hospital for urgent surgical intervention.

Dr Veh Dinga-Nyoh was shot on the lower part of the back on the right side. We understand she was in a taxi heading to work this morning when a gendarme opened fire. Dr Veh was alone in the taxi with the driver who was not hurt.

Urgent surgical intervention is to be carried out to remove the bullet and to verify if any damages have been caused in her internal organs especially as the bullet hole is so close to the kidney.