Ambazonia Defense Secretary: Restoration Forces to avenge Tangem Thomas’s blood 0

The Southern Cameroons Defense Secretary has said that Ambazonia Restoration Forces have been given directives in Ground Zero to avenge the blood of top Southern Cameroons prisoner of conscience Tangem Thomas who passed to eternity today at the Yaoundé Central Hospital handcuffed on a hospital bed. The Ambazonia Defense Secretary whose name we are withholding also indicated that Southern Cameroonians will continue Tangem Thomas’s path until the liberation of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

Also speaking during today’s emergency meeting summoned by the Ambazonia Interim Government to discuss the current situation of Southern Cameroons detainees in French Cameroun, Vice President Yerima noted that the enemies of the Ambazonian people wrongly believe that the martyrdom of great Southern Cameroonians like engineer Tangem Thomas would grind the Southern Cameroons resistance to a halt, but the realities of the past four years have shown otherwise.

Vice President Yerima furthered that martyrdom is in fact the driving force behind the Ambazonia resistance and self defense agenda.

Both the Vice President and the Defense Secretary read from the same script echoing revenge for French Cameroun’s killing of Tangem Thomas and stating that Southern Cameroonians will also continue the sacred path of Tangem Thomas until they get to Buea.

The Ambazonia Defense Secretary observed that “avenging Tangem Thomas’s blood has turned into an ideal and the Ambazonia Interim Government will be pursuing the ideals”.

By Chi Prudence Asong