Ambazonia Interim Gov’t condemns Governor Okala Bilai’s visit to Ndian County 0

The leadership of the Southern Cameroons Interim Government has condemned the recent visit paid by the Francophone governor of the South West Okala Bilai to Ndian Division that comes amid intensified Ambazonia attacks on pro Yaoundé administrators.           

Vice President Dabney Yerima on Wednesday slammed the local CPDM elites and traditional rulers in Ekondo Titi for receiving Governor Okala Bilai in Ndian, saying the move is deemed as betrayal of Southern Cameroons.

“The visit is an insult to the people of Southern Cameroons”  Yerima added.

The exiled leader also expressed concern over statements made by the French Cameroun civil administrator during the visit.

The Ambazonia Interim Government expressed its regret over such visits, calling the so-called federalists in Southern Cameroons to stop providing the French Cameroun regime the opportunity to penetrate the Ambazonia homeland and to tamper with the interests of its counties.

The IG reiterated its rejection of all forms of interaction with an enemy that violates Southern Cameroons sanctities and continues its aggression on the people of Southern Cameroons, continues to detain thousands of Southern Cameroons prisoners, kills Southern Cameroons children and destroys our homes, and displaces our people” the Yerima statement said.

Governor Okala Bilai travelled to Ekondo Titi a day after a roadside bomb killed both the Divisional Officer and mayor of Ekondo Titi.

By Isong Asu