Ambazonia: Interim Gov’t Security Chief in Bamenda 0

Southern Cameroons Security Chief reportedly travelled incognito to Bamenda, the chief city in the Northern Zone days before the attack on Governor Lele Afrique and his convoy of invading French Cameroun soldiers.

Vice President Dabney Yerima has been quoted as saying that the Interim Government (IG) consented to the unannounced visit by the Security Chief to Ekok, Mamfe, Bali and Bamenda and is expected to provide a proper situation report on the happenings in Ground Zero this Friday.

More than 34 Ambazonia Restoration Forces attacked a convoy of cars that was transporting the Francophone governor.  Yaoundé has ordered another massive deployment hoping to get the deteriorating situation under control.

Speaking in Manchester recently, Comrade Dabney Yerima said he plans to hold talks with other Southern Cameroons groups regarding the state of the revolution and to encourage other front line leaders to sign into the Amba Bonds Project.

We also gathered from IG sources that the new approach developed by the Department for Homeland Security will not allow any French Cameroun soldier to stay on Southern Cameroons soil.

By Sama Ernest in Bamenda