Ambazonia Restoration Forces to strike targets deep inside French Cameroun 0

A senior Southern Cameroons Interim Government official says the Ambazonia Restoration Forces will begin to strike targets deep inside French Cameroun soon if the Yaoundé regime continues with the massive deployment of troops in both the Northern and Southern Zones.

The Interim Government official who sued for anonymity also hinted that Vice President Dabney Yerima’s stance has pushed French Cameroun colonial administrators to live in a state of extreme terror, panic and caution to an extent that some of its so-called Divisional Officers appointed to the Federal Republic of Ambazonia have refused to take up duties and are all hiding in Douala and Yaoundé.

Our source further noted that Ambazonia Restoration Forces response to any French Cameroun military campaign will no longer be limited within Southern Cameroons but rather deep inside French Cameroun.  Vice President Dabney Yerima has warned the Biya Francophone regime of a surprise blow in retaliation for the regime’s recent incursion into the Bafut Palace.

Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered that the Interim Government will start using money raised from the Amba Bonds Project to mobilize equipment, weapons and personnel to confront the French Cameroun enemy.

Speaking recently in Holland, Comrade Dabney Yerima said Ambazonia Restoration Forces will let the French Cameroun soldiers taste the bitterness, and they will regret their deeds and aggressions soon and very soon. 

By Chi Prudence Asong