Ambazonia Self-Defense Council says commanders presented in Yaounde are fake 0

The Ambazonia Self Defence Council has denied any links with the so-called five ex-Ambazonia commanders who presented themselves in Yaoundé during the Grand National Dialogue forum stating that they are fake.

In a strongly worded statement issued today, the Ambazonia Self Defence Council informed Southern Cameroonians and the International Community that pictures and videos of alleged Ambazonia Restoration Generals attending the Yaounde peace talks were plain fiction.

No Ambazonia General or Commander is attending the CPDM Convention dubiously called ‘National Dialogue”. What you are seeing is another effort and an attempt to manipulate and deceive our people and the International Community…” Part of the release reads.

The Ambazonia Self Defense Council further reiterated their position vis-à-vis the Biya Francophone teleguided talks observing that  “Any call for Dialogue without the release of Ambazonians held in LRC jail are not accepted to us…The Ambazonia leader Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius and the Nera ten are the legitimate representatives of the Ambazonia people in any dialogue with LRC. They and all illegally held Ambazonians…must be released unconditionally prior to any talks.”

On the fourth day of the talks, five alleged Ambazonia Generals presented themselves to the Francophone dominated atelier and revealed that they have decided to drop their weapons in favour of peace.

Source: Journal du Cameroun