Ambazonia: Vice President Yerima lauds Restoration fighters for forcing Biya’s assimilation confession in Paris 0

Southern Cameroons Vice President Dabney Yerima has lauded the Ambazonian nation and its Restoration Forces for compelling French Cameroun dictator Paul Biya to confess to France’s colonial policy of assimilation during a televised panel discussion hosted by the renowned Mo Ibrahim in Paris saying the truths and the whole truths will be coming out now and those truths would be the only path to set Southern Cameroons- Ambazonia free.

Comrade Dabney Yerima observed that the demonic terrorist and butcher of Yaoundé Paul Biya has started his own truth telling in Paris. “Soon and very soon, the milking colonialist France will be singing those truths as our brave Amba boys and girls will push them out of the breadbasket

All this happening, not because of the noise we make, or the lies we tell or the seeking to be in the limelight as leaders of this revolution; all these and more to come because of the courage, bravery, resilience and determination of our patriots, the brave warriors, the Amba boys and girls who said enough is enough and picked up the path of self defense and decided to sacrifice all including their lives to stop the nonsense” Vice President Yerima added.

The exiled Ambazonia leader furthered that “We must never forget their services and sacrifices to our people and nation. As we wear our beautiful expensive suits, look good in TV and take flights to places to project being leaders and show of relevance, we should never forget those who go around naked, hungry and give up everything including their lives for all these truths to be coming out in broad daylight.”

The Ambazonia Vice President made the comments while speaking with a group of Southern Cameroons media practitioners in Holland on Sunday. Dabney Yerima also decried French Cameroun’s continued military aggression against Ambazonians.

Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces have effectively paralyzed the Biya Francophone regime and the French Cameroun army. The latest French Cameroun troop’s deployment in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia comes as many observers have suggested that the more than three years genocidal campaign may have been intentionally timed to serve Biya and France’s political interests.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai