Ambazonians must stand against French Cameroun by any means 0

A Southern Cameroons front line leader in the Federal Republic of Germany says all Ambazonians are duty-bound to oppose the the 1961 union with the French Cameroun regime.

Dr Ngassa Anyangwe made the remarks on Wednesday in a ceremony held in Darmstadt, Germany in loving memory of the primary school pupil killed in Buea by a Francophone gendarme.

The renowned Southern Cameroons physician congratulated “General No Pity” and all Ambazonia Revolutionary Guards and noted that peace will be established in Southern Cameroons and the Federal Republic of Ambazonia will no longer be a French Cameroun colony.

“Biya and the French Cameroun military poses a threat to all Southern Cameroonians worldwide” Dr. Ngassa said, censuring all US based Ambazonian groups oppose to unity.

Southern Cameroonians must stand against La Republique du Cameroun by any means they can,” Dr. Ngassa added.

He praised Vice President Dabney Yerima for standing firm on the Ambazonian cause despite all the distraction from Maryland and the Cho Ayaba gang.

“Sako and Ayaba represents wrong image of the Southern Cameroons struggle and must be ignored” Dr Ngassa furthered.

He also said both the so-called front line Southern Cameroons leaders depict a wrong image of the noble Southern Cameroons resistance.

By Chi Prudence Asong