Battle for Ambazonia: Defense Secretary visits injured soldiers in Buea 0

The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Defense In Charge of the National Gendarmerie, Yves Galax Landry Etoga rounded off a one day inspection visit on January 14, 2019 in Buea headquarter of the South West Region. His visit took him to the Gendarmerie Legion South West Region, Squadron No 80, Gendarmerie Post in Bonjongo, Brigade Buea and Motorised Brigade Buea. In these places, he went office by office inspecting equipment and working conditions.

At the Military Hospital Buea and the Buea General Hospital, he visited some injured military personnel and wished them a quick recovery. Following the Head of State’s end of year speech on December 31, 2018, President Paul Biya reiterated to warmongers in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon to drop their arms. The Gendarmerie boss was therefore in the South West Region to see how effective warmongers have laid down their arms. It was also a moment for him to get first hand information on the security situation on the region.

He held in-camera meetings with administrative and military personnel certainly on how to strategies in continuing to protect civilians and their property in the face of ceaseless attacks from unknown gun men. South West Legion Commander, Colonel Tchinda Mbouzikeu Henri said that the visit of the Secre tary of State was meant to inspect their working conditions. He said it boasted the morale of South West Gendarmerie personnel. He indicated that directives were handed down to them on what hierarchy expects.

Colonel Tchinda saluted the determination of the Gendarmerie in protecting civilian and their property. The Secretary of State, Landry Etoga was accompanied to the South West Region by General Sali Mohamadou, Commander of the Second Combined Military Region and General Toungue Elias, Commander of the Second Gendarmerie Legion.

At hand to receive them in the South West Region were the Secretary General at the South West Governor Office, Dr. Mohamadou and the South West Regional Coordinator for the National Disarmament Demobilisation and Reintergration Committee, Fonju Njukang Bernard.

Source: Cameroon Tribune