“Biya CPDM provocations threaten both Cameroons with explosion” 0

Dr Emmanuel Anyangwe Ngassa a Southern Cameroons front liner based in Germany has warned that the regime in Yaoundé and its continued illegal provocative military operations in West Cameroon might lead to a great explosion in the two Cameroons.

Dr Ngassa Anyangwe in a conversation with Cameroon Concord News Group was referring to the recent Nollywood style military operation in Batibo which Yaoundé said helped released the 80-year-old Senator Regina Mundi from Ambazonia captivity.

The activities of Francophone army soldiers in Southern Cameroons remain a great provocative move,” Ngassa said.

There is consensus within all Southern Cameroons resistance groups for a reaction to such provocative moves deep inside Yaoundé. Things may lead to a great explosion within the two Cameroons,” said the renowned Southern Cameroons medic.

“Any further Biya regime military action targeting the people of Southern Cameroons would unsettle the two Cameroons because such actions provoke every freedom-seeking and honorable Ambazonian,” Dr Ngassa warned.

“In trying to hand over power to his son who has not done anything in this life, Biya and his men are resorting to something that would bring about tragic consequences for both La Republique and Southern Cameroons” Dr Ngassa concluded.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai