Biya linked to Mayor Ekema killing, says Ambazonia Intelligence Chief 0

The Ambazonia Intelligence Chief has hinted that the government of President Biya was directly linked to the killing of Mayor Ekema Patrick. The Buea council chief executive was reportedly poisoned by known French Cameroun plain cloth police officers assigned to protect the controversial youthful politician.

The office of Vice President Dabney Yerima has not commented on the demise of the CPDM mayor but our sources deep within the Interim Government pointed out that the findings of the Southern Cameroons Intelligence services give credibility to longstanding allegations that the autocratic French Cameroun regime led by President Biya has been carrying out state-sponsored killings at home and abroad.

Mayor Ekema left a funeral service in Buea to his hotel room in Douala flanked by a sea of bodyguards predominantly French speaking officers and complained of food poisoning.  He was rushed to a Douala Hospital where he was confirmed dead.

Friends of the late mayor on Sunday have claimed that he was killed by a group of Southern Cameroonian businessmen in Buea who were against the late mayor’s anti business stance during ghost town operations.

Mayor Ekema shut down many Southern Cameroons businesses in Buea and openly appealed to the regime in Yaoundé to hand over the death penalty to the jailed Ambazonian leaders.  There are conflicting reports coming from both Southern Cameroons and La Republique du Cameroun with some saying a bloodied towel was removed from his hotel room and his neck was swollen.

A close family friend who spoke to our undercover reporter revealed that the Ekema family has requested the Cameroon government to conduct an autopsy. Some within the family believe Mr Ekema’s drink was spiked and he was strangled.

We understand the late mayor was at daggers-drawn positions with former Prime Minister Peter Mafany Musonge, a gang of CPDM warlords who were planning to replace him including the current Prime Minister and Head of Government, Dr Dion Ngute.

By Sama Ernest in Douala with additional reporting from Kingsley Betek in Buea