Biya regime deploys troops after inter-communal violence kills 12, injures 48 0

Troops have been deployed to Cameroon’s Far North region after the killing of 12 people on Tuesday in inter-communal violence, the region’s governor Midjiyawa Bakari said on Thursday.

At least 48 people were also seriously injured and more than 100 houses torched when dispute over water source and land between members of the fishing community of Mousgoum and Arabchoas who are cattle breeders in the town of Kousseri erupted on Tuesday.

“The situation is calm and stable but the tension is still very high. (Military) reinforcement has been mobilised and they (soldiers) are moving there progressively,” Bakari said on phone. “We have been instructed to do everything possible to restore peace.”

State officials, security and local community leaders have agreed to form an investigation committee and visit the communities to defuse tension and reach reconciliation, according to Bakari.

The area which is located in the Logone and Chari division of the region has witnessed several bloody clashes between tribes in the last five years, but Tuesday’s violence was the deadliest, according to security reports.

Source: Xinhuanet