Buea: Francophone Governor says Southern Cameroonians are dogs 0

The Francophone governor of the Buea Province has described Southern Cameroons protesters as “dogs”. Bernard Okalia Bilai made the declaration on the microphone of the Cameroon Radio and Television,CRTV-radio yesterday September the 22nd. The Biya appointee also accused Southern Cameroons peaceful demonstrators of having attacked La Republique’s forces of law and order.

In a report broadcast Friday, September 22, 2017 at 5 pm on the National Post of the CRTV, Bernard Okalia Bilai opined that “Very early in the morning there were groups of people walking on the streets, going to public buildings to attack them, the offices of DOs, SDOs, the gendarmerie and police stations all came under attack. They tore up the flags of the Republic to hoist pieces of cloth that they brandished as flags of what!! I do not know. The security forces intervened and suffered a lot of violence, a lot of attacks by these assailants. ”

The so-called governor of the South West region warned elites and community leaders. “We will not continue to tolerate huge protest. If the dogs continue to go to the streets to bite, that is destroy, they will meet the security forces.”

By Eyong Johnson, CCN