Buea University: More scandals are emerging 0

Many people thought the sex-for-marks scandal that shook the University of Buea to its core a few months ago was the only scar on the University’s face. But it is emerging that the sex scandal, engineered by Prof. Agborbechem and Prof. Molua, is simply the tip of a massive iceberg that is gradually melting and will certainly drown the university if higher education authorities do not step in to hem in the forces of evil that are determined to undermine efforts at making the University of Buea a real citadel of learning.

While Agborbechem and Ernest Molua are keeping a low profile, it must be pointed out that these dangerous elements will continue to spread pain and suffering among female students if they are allowed to operate within the same environment when the rules are still the same.

Agborbechem, in particular, is a satyr who sees casual sex as a ritual and last week he was caught looking at a young female student lustfully not far from the University. Agborbechem is still in the business of women and it is clear that he will not be retiring anytime soon from this nasty trade. He may be a dormant vulcano for now, but it will not be long for him to erupt, and  when he erupts, the young girls will feel his wrath and frustration resulting from months of abstinence.

If the fear of being caught in a hotel or in his office is still stalking him like a stubborn shadow, the learned professor is not relenting and is still having visual sex. It will not be long before he returns to his old ways. Old habits diehard. His sex syndicate is still active and it will stop at nothing to give the university a bad name.

But today, the enemies of the University of Buea are not Ernest Molua and Peter Agborbechem. The University of Buea is facing a new challenge and this seems to be receiving the blessing of some university dons who are putting their parochial interest above the university’s best interest.

The political science department has decided to organize a closed-door master’s degree defense for some student fradulently admitted into the department’s Ph.D programme without a master’s degree.

This appears to be a face-saving measure given that the department of political science has come under massive pressure from the university’s senate.

The Dean of the Faculty of Laws and Political Science had been instructed to regularize the situation of 13 students admitted into the Ph.D. program under the Department of Political Science and Comparative Politics without meeting the requirements.

The Dean had reportedly asked the Head of the political science  department to dismiss  students admitted into the Ph.D. without a master’s degree in line with the university’s policies.

But Dr. Abangma, who seems to have a vested interest in the fake defense and who also doubles as the  president of SYNES-UB, has stood his ground, opting instead to organize illegal  defenses for the students.

The University of Buea is really facing major challenges. Under the new vice chancellor, things are really falling apart. His best efforts are not delivering the best results. There are many crime syndicates within the system and this is posing a huge challenge to university authorities.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai with files