Bui County: Six killed in crash 0

Six people were killed on Saturday in a serious traffic accident in Bui County precisely in Kumbo. The accident between a semi-trailer carrying goods and a public transport bus also caused many injuries. As in 2010, when 1,200 people were killed on Cameroonian roads, there is a peak of deaths from traffic accidents in 2017 supporting calls for immediate independence for Southern Cameroons.

For the first eight months of 2017, (from January to August), 4190 accidents including 179 fatalities, 784 bodily and 3227 material were recorded in Cameroon. The month of August 2017, was the most deadly with a total of 626 accidents of all categories, including 34 fatalities, 79 bodily and 513 material. Officially, there were 98 deaths as a result of road traffic accidents, in August alone.

Cameroon experts attributed 70% of these accidents to human causes, 20% caused by road conditions and 10% to technical causes. The Francophone government fears that the upward trend will continue and recently claimed to have taken a series of measures, including the reform of the driving license. The new Cameroonian driver’s license, which includes a dozen points, entered into force on 1 September.

The Cameroonian authorities are also considering the use of mobile radars, multiplying joint checkpoints (police, gendarmerie and road traffic prevention in the Ministry of Transport), as well as general alcohol tests and other measures such as limiting the speed limit to 100 kilometres per hour for transit vehicles and heavy goods vehicles.

By Eyong Johnson
Cameroon Concord News