Bundes: Camfomedics celebrates 25th Anniversary in Essen 0

The Cameroon Forum for Medical and Paramedical Sciences, Camfomedics – was founded on May 7, 1994 in Tübingen by Cameroonian students of medicine, pharmacy and dentistry in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The 4th to 5th October 2019 was reserved to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the organization and to make public a new plan of action engineered to move the association forward. An extra-ordinary event – The African Health Day was staged in the city of Essen, in which more than 20 medical professionals from Cameroon and Nigeria attended to the health needs of several African migrants residing in the North Rhine Westphalia province and even beyond.

Some Cameroonian medical experts from the UK, Canada, and USA were also there to offer some form of support service to the targeted population. Precious consultations, medical test, examinations and therapeutic advices were offered without charge to the hundreds of participants.

The climax of the outdoor event was the iMed Award 2019 that was honorably given to Dr Benice Ndofor. She was recognized for her precious engagement and for professionally instructing and guiding participants at the Camformedics Academy in Cameroon.

Camformedics success stories have all been registered under the supreme leadership of Dr. Ivo Azeh, who for over 10 years directed the body to extend its health services to benefit the underprivileged populace. The organization is now blessed with a new and dynamic leader in the person of Dr. Fonye Ki Nyui. Cameroon Concord News Tambe Ndip Arrah met with the Right Hon. Dr Ivo Azeh during the 20th anniversary celebration. Below is his short and soul-searching conversation with the medical man.  

Cameroon Concord News: Dr. Ivo Azeh thanks for accepting to talk to us! We learnt on this occasion of the 25th anniversary and the African Health Day that Camfomedics offered free consultations to the German public. What was the motivation?

Dr. Ivo Azeh: Well, it was a German public event but it was really tailored to meet the needs of Africans who live in Germany and that´s why we call it the African Health Day. We realized that we have different access to health services and people of African origin have other determinants. Our program is a health outreach, a health promotion activity to reach out to many Africans to offer them our health services and also to let Africans understand how the German health care system functions. Moreover, to guide them on how they can get better access to the health care system, and most importantly to inform them of particularities that prevail amongst African immigrants. So really it was an outreach deemed to reach out to people of African origin.

Cameroon Concord News: Talking about free medical examination, test and consultation. As the leader, what bill of health can you give to this event? Was it successful and satisfactory and did you attain your goals?

Dr. Ivo Azeh: Well, it was the first of its kind and it was amazing!We hope to continue with such activity! We did it with the Nigerian medical association. More than 20 medics of different specialities were attending to participants. I have never had an outreach event with so many medical professionals. The essential medical equipment was available to meet the requirement of the event. The turnout was good and we hope it would be better in future if we use different channels to inform people. We hope to continue with such activities.

Cameroon Concord News: We understand that you are leaving the leadership of Camfomedics. We watched the videos played, with so much appreciation and as tribute to you. It appears to be like Dr. Ivo Azeh is synonymous to Camfomedics. Your thoughts?

Dr. Ivo Azeh: Certainly, I must say it was really a surprise and am really touched by the videos and I am still like thinking, which Ivo are they talking about. I don´t have words to describe it, when your colleagues have so much high acknowledgements for what you have done! That is what keeps on motivating me throughout these years because there are a lot of people, I have confidence in; who are always available to respond when their support is required. Behind me was an active network of people who were providing the services we needed. So it´s not only me but collaborative work. I did a lot; likewise I owe the organization a lot. I gathered a lot of skills on how to manage, deal with and prevail over challenges that emanated from such activities professionally. I think the organization offers the possibility for young people to learn leadership skills and that´s what we are out for and am happy that we have young charismatic persons who are stepping in, learning, gaining experience and developing.

Cameroon Concord News: Can you proudly say Camfomedics as an institution that has its feet strongly rooted on the ground with the necessary structures for continuity?

Dr. Ivo Azeh: Obviously am leaving the executive but I am still a member of Camfomedics and in that capacity, I will continue to make contributions and participate efficiently to share the experience we need and guide the new executive. I believe they will be successful especially as the new president Dr. Fonyuy Nyuyki has been in the executive board for four years and we have been working together. I believe in continuity and we have a huge team of 7 people, many young enthusiastic. Undoubtedly, they will be able to promote and translate the aspirations of Camfomedics.