Cameroon coronavirus death rate Doubles in 24 Hours 0

The number of deaths related to the coronavirus disease in Cameroon increased from 22 to 42 in just 24 hours.

According to the Francophone Minister of Public Health, 42 patients have died in Cameroon since the first case of coronavirus was confirmed on March 6.

On Friday evening, the minister announced 22 deaths and on Saturday, in just 24 hours, 20 more deaths were recorded, bringing the number of deaths related to the pandemic from Covid-19 to 42. 

Correspondingly, the public health boss revealed that some 305 patients were cured compared to 177 on Friday. The minister also said 176 positive cases are hospitalized, 33 of which are on oxygen therapy.

Yaoundé recently announced that over 1017 people have tested positive for the virus. Cameroon Concord News understands the most infected age group is between 30 to 40 years old, followed by the 40s to 50s.

Nearly 80% of the dead are at least 50 years old while 20% are between 40 and 50 years old. 

Statistics revealed by the Scientific Council of Public Health Emergencies, indicate that 8 out of 10 people who die of coronavirus in Cameroon are men.

It is vital to include in this report that  8 out of the 10 so-called one and indivisible Cameroon regions are now affected by coronavirus disease.   

Yaounde recently received 100 respirators and 300,000 test kits for Covid-19.

By Soter Agbaw-Ebai