Cameroon: Two suspected highway robbers killed at Touboro 0

The bodies of two suspected highway robbers were discovered early on Friday morning at Touboro in the North of the country. Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered from security sources that the two men were chased for days by elements of the mechanized infantry division (BIM) located in Touboro in the Mayo-Rey district.  The heavily armed men fired the first salvo and were subsequently killed during exchanges of fire with Cameroon government forces.

Insecurity is growing in this small town in northern Cameroon. People live with fear every day. Traders are kidnapped and ransoms demanded.  On May 24, some road bandits were killed in Bougoué, near Touboro, by plain cloth police officers operating within the locality. On the 1st of June, a trader from the Mbai- Mboum village located 35 km from Touboro was kidnapped by heavily armed men.  A ransom of 15 million CFA francs was demanded by the criminals.