CEMAC designates Cameroon a country at risk with 1430 COVID-19 cases 0

Countries in the CEMAC region have now classified their Cameroonian neighbour as a nation at risk because of the high number of people infected with the COVID-19 pandemic. Late on Friday, the sick man of the Sub Saharan region Central African Republic (CAR) announced that people coming from Cameroon into CAR have to be tested for COVID-19. A move welcomed by members of the CEMAC group.

The Central African Minister of Public Health Dr Pierre Somse went a step further by making public a toll-free number 1212 and observed that it is imperative for anyone coming from the Republic of Cameroon to the Central African Republic within the last 14 days to urgently visit health centers to carry out the COVID-19 screening test.

Since April 6, one month after the confirmation of the first case of the coronavirus, Cameroon has entered the top 5 African countries most affected by the pandemic. It has thus become the first in CEMAC followed by the Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

According to statistics updated Friday after an evaluation meeting by the French Cameroun Minister of Public Health Dr Manaouda Malachie, 1430 people have contracted the coronavirus.

Among those who tested positive, 692 are active. And, 120 are hospitalized including 20 under respiratory assistance.   The Francophone Health Minister also announced on Thursday evening that some 668 patients have recovered from the virus with 43 deaths recorded.   

Several special centers for the care of patients with COVID-19 have been set up including 2 in the French Cameroun’s political capital of Yaoundé.  The Biya regime has also included the military stadium in Yaounde as one of the specialised centers for the care of COVID-19 patients. Douala in the Littoral region has 2 special centers while 1 currently operates in Garoua.

The ruling CPDM crime syndicate received last Saturday, 100 ventilators and 300 thousand diagnostic kits.

By Oke Akombi Ayukepi Akap in Glasgow with files from Rita Akana