CPDM business tycoon Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga is seeking road to power in Yaounde 0

Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga and his former colleague at CAMPOST, Paul Atanga Nji are wanted by prosecutors at the Special Criminal Court over allegations of corruption and embezzlement of state funds. Both men have been quoted as saying that they will only appear before judges at the Special Criminal Court if the Head of State President Biya orders them to do so and that the court’s allegations are nonsense.

Amougou Belinga is the owner and CEO of Groupe médiatique l’Anecdote and Paul Atanga Nji moonlights as Minister of Territorial Administration and Permanent Secretary of the National Security Council. These two President Biya acolytes are now considered in senior political circles in Yaoundé as the nation’s most dangerous men. Now the media tycoon backed by Justice Minister Laurent Esso, Territorial Administration Minister Paul Atanga Nji, Minister of Employment and Vocational Training, Issa Tchiroma Bakary is planning to install himself as Cameroon’s next president.

Presently, Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga is ranked among French Cameroun and CEMAC region’s richest people with no genuine history existing on how he made his money. His group has successfully silenced everyone standing on his way including the Chairman of the National Communications Council, Peter Esoka. Correspondingly, no one at the Special Criminal Court is talking again about Amougou Belinga and Atanga Nji.

Amougou Belinga’s plan to enter politics from the top was leaked by the former General Manager of his television station VISION 4, Ernest Obama who is currently paying a heavy price. Despite having all what it takes to topple a government-a sea of newspapers, a television station with a carrying capacity bigger than the state-owned CRTV, multiple FM radio stations and long standing relation with top barons of the Biya regime, Amougou Belinga’s chance of success doesn’t look great!

Cameroon Intelligence Report understands he is now being targeted by three powerful figures in the ruling CPDM crime syndicate- Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, Minister- Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic, Mvodo Ayolo, the Director of the Civil Cabinet at the Presidency and Oswaldo Baboke the Deputy Director of the Civil Cabinet at the Presidency of the Republic.

To be sure, Amougou Belinga has all their dossiers in his keeping as the three had reportedly used his media empire to make public graft scandals and investigations into ministers and party officials who are presently being detained at the Kondengui High Security Prison.

Amougou Belinga’s public approval rating dropped huge percentage points following the televised arrest of his henchman, Ernest Obama and his managing of the proceeds of the Southern Cameroons war with Minister Paul Atanga Nji.

People in the know in Yaoundé have called for an investigation into Amougou Belinga’s ties to the government and many French Cameroun political elites opposed to the war in Southern Cameroons have been pushing Prime Minister Dion Ngute to get Biya to kick Amougou Belinga’s conman Paul Atanga Nji out of government.

Our chief intelligence officer in Yaoundé has repeatedly asked Minister Paul Atanga Nji about his ties to the businessman during their time at CAMPOST. But Minister Atanga Nji has always maintained a kind of deliberate silence.  After amassing a business empire he values at hundreds of millions of US dollars, Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga now thinks he is fit to be Cameroon’s next chief executive after Biya.

Amougou Belinga is actually leading an organized crime group passing for a media empire with financial auditors having no traces of how his companies pay their taxes.  With nearly all renowned Bamileke businessmen gone, His Royal Highness Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga is indeed the richest and most dangerous French Cameroun citizen.

After the successful failure of many Beti Ewondo businessmen including Dr James Onobiono, Yves Ava Ava, Ongba Damas etc Amougou Belinga became a silent key figure in the ruling CPDM nasty business operations and had ties to the highest levels of government.

President Biya (87) legalized graft and Transparency International ranked Cameroon twice as the most corrupt nation on earth.  Only a handful of people have been convicted for financial crimes and many took place when Amougou Belinga and Minister Paul Atanga Nji headed CAMPOST or better still Post Bank.

Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga’s intentions to enter politics are now being treated as serious but many in Yaoundé are of the opinion that it would be difficult to accomplish.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai